Mega Moolah Sweden big win

Mega Moolah Pays Out Impressive Jackpot in Sweden

Mega Moolah, a progressive slot game that was designed by Microgaming, has resulted in yet another millionaire. The latest winner, a Swedish-based player, marks the eight jackpot won within the Microgaming network this year. The Jackpot network has announced that it will be releasing nine more premium slot titles shortly. The popularity of these games has grown tenfold since the latest announcement, as players scramble to get a piece of the action, effectively creating massive jackpot rewards at the every Mega Moolah casino in Canada.

Sweden’s Biggest Online Jackpot

Just last month Microgaming confirmed that they had created their eighth millionaire for 2020. The Mega Moolah progressive slot jackpot was hit, awarding the lucky player a staggering €14,239,532.84. The event took place on the 17th of August at, with Microgaming confirming this win three days later. Although the €14 million might not be the biggest online progressive jackpot pay-out in the world, it ranks within the top five. On a global scale, this is the fourth highest online jackpot to be paid out and Sweden’s highest online jackpot reward in history. Although the lucky winner has requested to remain anonymous, he/she did share thoughts on the topic with the public.

The winning player reminisce the disbelief at having won such a huge amount and only accepted the reality of the situation once the casino had called to confirm details. The player reflected that life has suddenly become different, but in a good way, and it will take some time to truly grasp the amount of money that was won. The winner has not said much concerning what he or she would be spending their fortune on, but concluded by expressing shock at how the scenario played out.

 Martin Sidenvall, Director at Lucky Casino, took the opportunity to highlight the historical importance of the event and expressed pride at being able to call the player and award them a life-changing reward. He concluded by saying that the entire situation is surreal as they never would have imagined that Lucky Casino would be the online location that awarded a player Sweden’s biggest online jackpot yet.

Future Prospects for Microgaming

Microgaming has turned into one of the biggest names in progressive jackpots, with their software spanning the globe and their games being played in almost every nook and cranny. The network is scheduled to release more progressive slot titles such as Sisters of Oz, Juicy Joker, African Legends, Fortunium Gold, and several others.

Andrew Booth, The Director of Games at Microgaming, issued a public statement on the matter. He formally congratulated not only the jackpot winner but Lucky Casino as well, for their big win on the network. He further shared how popular Mega Moolah has become with players all over the world and happily shared that the Microgaming team is excited to be bringing so many new progressive titles to the gaming masses.

Considering the massive jackpots that were awarded in 2020 alone with the current titles on offer, it seems highly likely that Microgaming will continue growing in popularity and players will get even luckier.

About Microgaming Jackpot Network

The Microgaming network is comprised of slot machines that use Microgaming software and are located at different casinos. These contributing slots can be found at brick-and-mortar destinations as well as on the web. This means that each time a player places a wager on any of the slots in the network, a percentage of that wager goes into the pool. The pool accumulates massive jackpots very quickly which explains why jackpots get hit so frequently within this network. The most renowned slot is Mega Moolah, but there are different variations of this title that form the network.

The online offering of this network has made it possible for Microgaming to extend its reach considerably with players from all over the world adding to the jackpot pool and vying for a chance to become the next millionaire. Winners are paid out in a huge lump sum and the turnaround time for this reward is minimized. This is due to the credits being converted into the currency that players are making use of. The upside is that there are no conversion fees on the money which could end up being substantial for winnings of this magnitude.